Long ago, there were several deities, each responsible for a different aspect of Midveil. They worked together in harmony to create the world and the many plants and creatures that live upon it. One of the deities, Yumara, was constantly disagreeing with another, Lomia, as how to better improve the world. Yumara wanted to eradicate everything in order to start again whereas Lomia thought it would be best to create more creatures. Their arguments soon escalated and a war unlike any other soon broke out. Lomia was followed by their celestial army and Yumara was followed by their fiends. The war lasted for centuries until a final confrontation between Lomia and Yumara ended with the two deities tearing each other apart.

Several centuries have passed since The Last War and civilisation has slowly begun to rebuild. Cities have appeared all across the land but have very little communication to one another due to the vast distances between them. Other settlements have been built, offering trade and resources to the cities. It is a land of relative peace as the scars from The Last War are still fresh but darkness still has its hold on Midveil. Bandits terrorise the roads and horrify creatures roam the Lost Woods.

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