Prime Deities Edit

The Prime Deities are beings that existed before everything and created the universe. They are immensely powerful and created the other deities.

Lomia Edit

Lomia is the god of light and creation. They are depicted as a beautiful woman glowing with radiant energy. This leads many people to believe their true form is the sun. She is responsible for all the lands of men and mer and the race created in her image, the Aasimar.

Yumara Edit

Yumara is the god of darkness and destruction. Whilst their description seems evil, they are actually a well respected god. They are depicted as an equally beautiful woman but robed in shadows. Many people believe their true form is that of the moon. She is responsible for every death and disaster in Midveil, but also the race made in their image, the Tiefling.

Secondary Deities Edit

Nemisis Edit

Nemisis is the goddess of revenge. She chooses champions very rarely as they must first suffer a great loss in order to become the most powerful. She is depicted as a hooded woman covered in tattoos.

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